The members of the SISTME® team have led development teams for technological solutions for the monitoring and monitoring of projects from different sectors, and for specific technological ventures in the tourism sector (technological solutions for the global airport retail sector; development, deployment and maintenance of mobile applications).

In addition, they have worked in innovative project development teams, both at the individual and corporate level.


Information and Communication Technologies (TICs)

The team has experience in the analysis and evaluation of inclusive business projects based on the population pyramid in information technologies applied to tourism. This work has included working closely with Microsoft, Google, and other leading technological players at the international level. Through regional centers of technological innovation, it has been in charge of promoting the development of technological solutions (software for private companies, governments and public-private agencies for the management of tourist destinations), including incubation, strengthening, financing and management of private enterprises. and public. The model of intervention and systematization of solutions produced by the technology innovation center for the tourism sector has been used to generate a platform for systematization and transaction of knowledge and technological solutions in other sectors of the LAC economies.

Likewise, one of the team members coordinated the Productive Chain of Information Technology and Electronics of Córdoba, Argentina, which started with 29 partners and today has 300 technology companies among its members.

Finally, the SISTME team has evaluated more than 10 IDB / MIF ICT4BUS Program projects in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru.



The team has vast experience in the area of ​​tourism, as some of its members have led the identification and design of more than 30 sustainable tourism operations with FOMIN funds and other members have evaluated tourism projects, covering all of them practically all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean


Local development

The SISTME® team has worked on advising, training and managing Local Development Agencies, with emphasis on the integration of the public and private sectors for the design and execution of support activities for the business and entrepreneurial sector. This work carried out by members of the SISTME® team included the design and supervision of operations, as well as the coordination and management of the execution of some of them.


Poverty reduction

Members of the SISTME® team have worked on the design and evaluation of poverty reduction projects. This included working on trade liberalization and facilitation programs and poverty alleviation co-financed between DFID and the IDB-MIF; and in social tourism and poverty reduction in programs financed by the United Nations.


Business development

SISTME® has professionals with a background in the design, management and evaluation of business development projects in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. The activities developed include assistance to companies for competitive adaptation based on the formulation of business plans and the development of business networks and between these and civil society.

  • Competitiveness Likewise, the team of SISTME® professionals has participated in Forums for local competitiveness, in the preparation and calculation of indices to measure competitiveness in its various dimensions, for the diagnosis and the delineation of State policies at the local level.
  • Promotion of clusters The members of the team have actively participated in various experiences of diagnosis, design, execution and evaluation of programs aimed at improving competitiveness through collective action among companies in related sectors. The professionals of SISTME® have participated as guests and lecturers in several meetings of productive integration projects organized by the IDB in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and USA.
  • Promotion of exports The SISTME® team has experience in programs to promote exports and improve competitiveness of MSMEs, through pre-competitive subsidies and technical assistance granted to these companies.
  • Family Businesses and Corporate Governance The SISTME® team has worked on the design and evaluation of professionalization projects for family businesses and development of Corporate Governance tools in Argentina, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.