Period: October ’11 – April ‘12


The objective of the consultancy was to elaborate the baseline and indicators of the Argentine part of the project “Promotion of Corporate Entrepreneurship” (ATN / ME-12246-RG). The project is executed in Argentina by the Technological Liaison Unit of Córdoba (UVITEC), in Chile by the Manufacturing Development Company (SOFOFA) and in Uruguay by the Union of Exporters of Uruguay (UEU); and it is partially financed with resources contributed by the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB / MIF).

This project was formulated to contribute to business innovation and growth through a model of corporate incubators [1] in Argentina , Chile and Uruguay; with the objective of developing dynamic ventures [2] from within companies and / or promoting ventures from their environment of business. This implies a strong collaboration among the three participating countries to share lessons learned and capture best practices for the subsequent replication of EC models in other countries.

During the consultancy, a methodology was designed to measure the environment for the promotion of entrepreneurship within large firms, using 8 specially defined variables. In addition, the indicators of the Logical Framework were reviewed, a computerized monitoring and evaluation system was developed that, among other things, graphically reflects the entrepreneurial environment, and a Manual for the survey of information was prepared.

Ref: Erika Molina – Especialista FOMIN Argentina –

[1] “Corporate Incubators” refers to a functional structure, which can be internal or external to companies, and which supports the creation of dynamic ventures from different areas, but always with the active participation of established companies (as part of the core of the business or as a complementary element thereof).

[2] Defined as companies that at the beginning of the operation present sales of US $ 100,000-200,000 during the first year and from the second year these sales increase in 35% up to the fifth year.