Year: 2017

Preparation of a diagnosis study for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority of Panama to understand the current situation of the Panamanian MSMES, through a representative sample of the entire sector, within the framework of the Institutional Strengthening Program of AMPYME, executed by UNDP. This research work made it possible to determine the impact of the MSMES on the economy of the Country and identify the main characteristics of the sector, to know the main weaknesses and potentialities of entrepreneurs in terms of information, training, technical assistance, technology, marketing and dynamics. of the sector, which will also be a key factor for the development of public policies for the benefit of the MSMEs.

The study included a sectoral and, at the same time, gender approach, for which the composition and characteristics of the MSMES were reviewed by economic sector and led by women, identifying specific obstacles and difficulties, as well as the difficulties of combining working time business with time dedicated to the family and the tasks of family care.

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