Year: 2017 | Country: Ecuador

The main objective of the consultancy was to carry out the final evaluation of the project “Strengthening the value chain in the Cocoa and Chocolate Route in the Province of Napo, Ecuador” (ATN / ME-14306-EC). The project was executed by the Ecuadorian Trust Fund for Development Cooperation (FECD) and was partially financed with resources contributed by the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB / MIF).

The general objective of the project is “to improve the income and the quality of life of the small producers of cocoa and Turistic entrepreneurs of the Napo Province through the strengthening of the value chains of the fine flavor cocoa and tourism through the creation of the Cocoa Cultural Route through local public-private collaboration. ”
To achieve the general objective, the project included the implementation of the following components: i) Creation of synergies among the key actors of the cocoa and tourism value chains; ii) Strengthening of associativity in the cocoa and tourism value chain; iii) Promotion of cocoa and tourism productivity; and iv) Knowledge and strategic communication


Key words: Cocoa – Tourism – Evaluation- MIF – IDB – Public Private Partnership – Value Chains – Indigenous people – Small Producers