Year: 2016 | Country: Guyana

To ensure the sustainability of the results of the “Leveraging natural capital in Rupununi” project, financed by IDB, CI (Guyana) contracted short-term technical assistance to support and facilitate its team in the development of a sustainability plan and to support the definition and prioritization of the activities and the correct and efficient use of the resources in the final phase of the project. The consultancy included a qualitative and quantitative analysis of project data and a series of working sessions with CI Guyana and the other local actors involved in the project (communities, women’s and workers’ associations, public sector) to develop and prioritize a business plan, establish a budget and generate a results-oriented framework designed to achieve key objectives and build a platform for the sustainability of the project’s investment to date. Work was carried out on activities related to the Rupununi Innovation Revolving Fund (RIF) and the mechanism for the continued operation of the fund and business activity in the beneficiary communities was defined beyond the IDB / MIF financing period.


Key words: Entrepreneurs – Strategic Planning – Tourism – Local Economic Development – MIF – IDB – Indigenous people – Small Producers